About Us

Hair Creations of Bath

Our salon works as a team.

This is commented on often in a positive aspect. We do not compete against each other. By working together we compliment each other. Therefore, giving you the best service available. We strive to be a salon that you long to come back to.

Hair Creations was established in March of 1979.

It is owned and operated by Kathy and Terry Alexander.

The continuing success of our salon in part is due to an amazingly loyal, compassionate crew, we have come to call family.

Lisa Bennett of 26 years, Lori Williams 24 years, Shawna Roy 23 years, Jill Burke 16 years, Jordan Hartley 12 years, Felicia Russell 10 years, Vicki Goblirsch 11 years, Samantha Bohan 10 years, Christina Bottini 7 years and Melissa Tardiff 7 years.

The welcoming faces at the front desk are Carol Adams of 14 years and Joesph Carmichael of 2 years.

MON – FRI 8-7, SAT 8-4